Board of Supervisors
Seneca County Office Building,
1 DiPronio Drive,
Waterloo, NY 13165
Phone: (315) 539-1700,
FAX: (315) 539-0207

Hours of Operation:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Contact the Board

Margaret Li

Board of Supervisors


Committee Meetings:
Fourth Tuesday & Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

BLOCK 1 - FOURTH TUESDAY OF THE MONTH beginning at 5:30 p.m.

COMMITTEE NO. 1 – FINANCE, ASSESSMENT & INSURANCE (Walt Prouty, Chair; Keith Kubasik, Vice-Chair; Robert Shipley; Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti; Dave Kaiser)- Responsible for County budget, returned school taxes, sales tax, debt service, and County Treasurer Department, County Insurance Programs, Risk Management, Workers' Compensation and Fixed Assets Program, Assessment rolls, Real Property Tax Office, tax maps, reappraisals tax sale property, tax petitions, and all real property tax matters

COMMITTEE NO. 2 – PERSONNEL (Don Earle, Chair; Robert Shipley, Vice-Chair; Dave Kaiser; Gary Westfall; Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti )  - Responsible for Personnel Department, civil service, employee contracts, employee salaries and benefits, employee relations, ethics and affirmative action program.

COMMITTEE NO. 3 – GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS (Gary Westfall, Chair; Lee Davidson, Vice-Chair; Walt Prouty; Michael Reynolds; Don Earle) - Responsible for County Clerk, Board of Elections, Courts, Central Services, Records Management, County rules and order of business, legislative proposals and reviews, County Historian, County Manager, Clerk of the Board, Supervisors' expenses, Purchasing, County Law Department, and Weights and Measures

COMMITTEE NO. 4 – PUBLIC WORKS (David Kaiser; Chair; Robert Shipley, Vice-Chair; Michael Reynolds; Lee Davidson; Walt Prouty) - Responsible for repairs, maintenance and construction of all County roads, Highway Department, rights of way, snow removal, highway materials and equipment, repairs, maintenance, construction and siting of all County buildings, utilities, and Buildings and Grounds Department, and Solid Waste management, recycling and composting

COMMITTEE NO. 5 – PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AGRICULTURE & TOURISM (Don Earle, Chair; Gary Westfall, Vice-Chair; Robert Shipley; Lee Davidson; David Kaiser) - Responsible for Planning & Community Development, Planning Board, Industrial Development Agency, Tourism, Federal and State grants, Soil & Water Conservation District, Extension Service, Agriculture Districts, and Finger Lakes Regional Airport

COMMITTEE NO. 9 – PUBLIC SAFETY (Michael Reynolds, Chair; Lee Davidson, Vice-Chair; David Kaiser; Robert Shipley; Walt Prouty) - Responsible for Sheriff's Department and Jail, District Attorney, Public Defender, Coroners, Justices and Constables, Fire Mutual Aid, Office of Emergency Management, Probation Department, STOP-DWI Program, E-911 and construction of the Seneca County Law enforcement center

BLOCK 2 - FOURTH WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH beginning at 5:30 p.m.

COMMITTEE NO. 6 – MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (Ron Serven, Chair; Ron McGreevy, Vice-Chair; Keith Kubasik; Greg Lazzaro; Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti) - Responsible for the Mental Health Department, Mental Health Programs, Community Services Board, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse programs, Youth at Risk Programs

COMMITTEE NO. 7 – PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES (Ron McGreevy, Chair; Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti, Vice-Chair; Greg Lazzaro; Ron Serven; Steve Churchill) - Responsible for the Public Health Department, home health agency, sanitation, Handicapped Children Pre-K (3-5), Early Intervention, animal disease control and Code Enforcement

COMMITTEE NO. 8 – HUMAN SERVICES (Greg Lazzaro, Chair; Ron McGreevy, Vice-Chair; Ron Serven; Keith Kubasik; Stephen Churchill) - Responsible for the Division of Human Services, Social Services Department, Office for the Aging, Veterans Services, Weatherization Program, and Community Colleges

COMMITTEE NO. 11 — INTER-COUNTY COMMITTEE (Gary Westfall, Chair; Walt Prouty, Vice-Chair; County Manager) - Responsible for interactions between Seneca County and the other counties of the State of New York

COMMITTEE NO. 12— ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (Stephen Churchill, Chair; Keith Kubasik, Vice-Chair; Ron McGreevy; Ron Serven; Cindy Garlick- Lorenzetti) - Responsible for keeping the Board abreast of the various activities in the County and their potential environmental impacts

COMMITTEE NO. 13— TECHNOLOGY (Steve Churchill; Chair; Keith Kubasik, Vice-Chair; Ron McGreevy; Greg Lazzaro; Cindy Garlick- Lorenzetti) - Responsible for computers and computer related equipment, AS400, electronic communications including telephones and cellular phones and the Information Technology Department

INDIAN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - 2nd TUESDAY OF THE MONTH prior to the board meeting

COMMITTEE NO. 10 – INDIAN AFFAIRS (Robert Shipley, Chair; Don Earle, Vice-Chair; Greg Lazzaro; Steve Churchill; Cindy Garlick Lorenzetti) - Responsible for all issues relative to the Indian Affairs