Weights & Measures

Weights and Measures
Seneca County Office Building,
1 DiPronio Drive,
Waterloo, NY 13165
Phone: 315- 539-1796
Fax: 315-539-1883

Hours of Operation:
9 am - 5 pm

Sue A. Sauvageau

Weights and Measures

Are you worried about getting what you pay for in commercial sales charged by weight or measure? Contact Seneca County Weights & Measures Director Sue Sauvageau with your questions or concerns.

Weights & Measures is a County regulatory entity empowered by New York State Agriculture & Markets Law to regulate commercial transactions involving sales by weight or measure, so that fair market practices and equity prevail. The department provides both consumer protection, by insuring accurate quantities as represented, and business protection, by providing a level playing field for competition.

Activities and Services

Conduct Petroleum Quality Testing
Calibrate Dairy Tanks
Systematically Test County Commercial Weighing & Measuring Devices
Consult with Businesses on Proper Equipment & Procedures
Research & Address Consumer Questions & Complaints
Check Commodities Packaging in Supermarkets & Other Retail Stores

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Weights & Measures test the Cayuga Lakeside Trading Station?

Answer: Yes, all fuel stations in Seneca County are inspected and tested on an annual basis.

Weights & Measures
Photo: View from the top of the Rack
at Geneva Buckeye Terminal

Why does the fuel pump register start running before fuel comes out of the hose? Does this mean that I am paying for fuel that I did not receive?

Long Answer: This is a result of new improved digital technology and it irritates just about everyone. The digital read out is measuring the activity of the meter located in the lower interior of the pump structure. There is a short delay involved. The line is primed with fuel. The pump will deliver the proper amount of fuel which will still be dispensing for a few seconds after the register stops. I have tested many pumps after this specific complaint. I have never found a pump that needed repair because of this issue. The total gallons will be correct.

Short Answer: You are receiving the correct amount of fuel as charged.

How do I File a Complaint?

Call Weights & Measures with the nature of the problem, the location, date, personnel involved and any other possible relevant documentation. Complaints require a verified contact name, address, and phone number. They also require some enquiry and research time. This is a small department so your patience is appreciated. To protect the rights of all parties, anonymous complaints can not be addressed.